10 day fast brings large donation

The 10 days of fasting has come to an end, and the final donated amount has been counted. The project, led by freshman Ethan Zuck, raised $1,261.75 for Living Water International to build wells and provide clean water for those without it.

From Oct. 10 through 19, students at John Brown University committed to fasting from all other beverages besides water and donated the money they saved to the cause.

The project raised $541.80 in physical donations at the table in Walker Student Center. Aramark agreed to donate the amount saved by the soda fountains and contributed $500 to the total. The remaining amount of $219.95 was given online.

Zuck said he was blown away by the amount. He said when they counted up the physical donations he was moved to tears, not because the amount was so large but because so many people would benefit.

“When we were planning the 10 Days project, I honestly did not have any set amount or goal for the fundraising amount,” Zuck said. “As Henry Proegler, leader of 10 Days and one of the founders of the project, says, the experience of fasting comes first, fundraising comes second.”

Zuck said he wanted students to sacrifice something difficult for the benefit of others.

“Giving up soda, chocolate milk and coffee is definitely hard to do for some people, and that is what we wanted people to experience ‘it is more blessed to give than to receive’ from Acts 20:35,” he added.

Around the world 783 million people lack access to clean water, and $1,261.75 raised will go to help those people and reduce that number.