Bargain movies bring crowd of students

With a fresh bag of popcorn in one hand and spare change in the other, students waited patiently in line to check out the latest flicks for half the ticket price, thanks to Elevate’s $3 movie night.

The event gave students the opportunity to take a break from the campus scene by providing discounted movie tickets to the first 300 students who appeared at the Siloam 6 Cinema on Nov. 9.

Senior Kelcie O’Donell, director of Elevate, said the event was nothing short of a hit, just like it has been every year.

“Students just love movies, especially when they only have to pay $3 to see a movie like ‘Skyfall’ on opening night,” she said.

The Siloam 6 Cinema reported that the 23rd installment of the James Bond series drew the most students. Agent 007 brought in more than $87.6 million to the box office over the weekend, making “Skyfall” the highest grossing film in the franchise’s history.

Freshman Matt Taylor described himself as an avid fan of the Bond series. Since he grew up watching the series with his dad, he explained that he had high expectations of the film before viewing it. Nevertheless, Taylor said he continued to be blown away every time by the “action-packed” storyline and creative score.

“Eon Productions nailed it when they casted Daniel Craig to be the sixth Bond,” he explained. “I can genuinely say that this was by far the best one to date. I will definitely go and see it a couple of more times.”

Taylor was not the only one to admire Craig’s skill of portraying the iconic agent. Junior Angela Morse was also impressed by the actor’s ability to bring dimension to the character and the way he kept the audience guessing on what would happen next.

“I would not want anyone else playing him. He is just so incredible,” Morse said.

“Skyfall” was not the only film to get students out of their dorms. Junior Hilary Seward opted to see Disney’s “Wreck-It Ralph.”

“The music was pretty great and [I like] the way they turned a bunch of old game midi files into a real soundtrack,” Seward said.

Junior Bridgette Ojo took in the fourth Paranormal Activity movie on her own in hopes of finding out more information on the disappearance of a demon-possessed Katie and her abducted nephew, Hunter. Though the film left her with more questions than answers, Ojo said this movie provided more of a modern approach with integration of webcams into the notorious documentary style the films have taken in the past.

“Documentary style makes everything more realistic and it’s hard not to put yourself in the position of the characters and wonder if that kind of stuff would ever happen to you,” Ojo said.