Spring concert presents All Sons & Daughters

All Sons & Daughters, a Christian musical duo, will perform at John Brown University in February. BLUE announced the line up for their spring concert Nov. 7 on Facebook.

Comprised of Leslie Jordan, vocals and guitar, and David Leonard, vocals and piano, the pair met in 2009. Both attend church in Franklin, Tenn. where they are worship ministers. There they officially formed their group, which evolved into All Sons & Daughters, in 2010.

All Sons & Daughters has released two EPs and one studio album, “Season One,” according to the band’s website.

BLUE and the University approached All Sons & Daughters, asking if they would be interested in making the University a stop on their tour. Leonard attended the University years ago, so working out an agreement with the band was not that difficult.

“We think their style is liked by a good portion of students,” Hembree said. “They have an acoustic, folk sound.”

The Christian worship band has toured with groups such as Chris Tomlin, and the members have worked with bands such as Need to Breathe.

“One of our goals with all our concerts is to not only appeal to JBU but also the Northwest Arkansas community as a whole,” Hembree said. “We hope students and people in the community both come to listen to this fantastic band.”

Senior worship ministry major Michelle Caneday first heard the band when they came to chapel a few years ago to lead worship. She described the band’s sound as “folksy” and acoustic.

“I’m not sure all of their songs mention Jesus or God, but it’s pretty obvious. They do hymns and stuff, too,” Caneday said.

She tries to go to all the concerts on campus that interest her—concerts where she can sing along—and plans to buy a ticket to this concert next semester.

Sophomores Lamario Smith and David Bird had not heard about the concert yet, and had not heard of the band. Both are aware that BLUE is the organization on campus responsible for concerts, but Smith said she had not attended any of its concerts yet.

Bird attended the Switchfoot and Anberlin concert last fall and to the Tobymac concert in October.

Smith enjoys a variety of music, especially pop and R&B. She explained that she would be more likely to buy tickets for a concert if she had listened to the band’s music.

“I listen to a little of everything… a lot of what is on KLOVE or KLRC,” Bird said. He agreed that he would buy a ticket if he listened to and enjoyed All Sons & Daughters.

“It’s a $15 concert and you get to stand close. If they are good then I will go,” Bird concluded.

“I’ll have to think about it and do more research,” Smith added when asked if she would attend the upcoming event.

Caneday pointed out that even people who may not recognize the band by name would most likely recognize their music. All Son’s & Daughters songs such as, “All the Poor and Powerless” and, “Brokenness Aside” are played quite frequently in the University’s chapel services.

Tickets will go on sale Jan. 1 at tables in Walker, the cafeteria and places around town. Student tickets will be $7 and adult tickets will cost $12.