Old dorm, new look

It is official: J. Alvin dormitory is getting renovated.

On Thursday night President Chip Pollard announced to a crowd of residents gathered in the J. Alvin atrium that renovations will start in May. According to Pollard, an anonymous donor’s donation will pay for $3 million of the $5 million estimated cost of renovations, enough for the school to start work in May.

The final plans were not shown to the residents, but an additional meeting next week will show off final renderings of the updated plans. The final plans will include modifications received from residents’ feedback last semester, and Andre Broquard, director of residence life, said the new plans are “75%-80% the same” as the plans shown in December.

Administration revealed that the final plans will include improvements of the buildings Quad facade, removal of planters in the atrium and a new kitchenette area.

Construction will start after May Term ends, with one wing of J. Alvin being gutted and rebuilt by the end of Christmas Break.

At the beginning of next spring semester, the half-capacity residents and furniture will be moved to the new wing and the process will be repeated for the second wing.

The final result will be larger rooms, all new plumbing and electrical wiring, larger suites and more soundproof walls.

J. Alvin capacity will be cut in half during construction, and to offset the loss of capacity, the Townhouses will be majority male housing. The school will continue to pursue the additional funding needed for the project, and Pollard suggested J. Alvin residents help out by donating to the project.