Food provider promises

With the announcement of the new food provider last week, student expectations for future caf meals soared.

We at the Threefold Advocate believe the University was overdue for a change. With millions of dollars going into facilities and expansion, the provided meals did not equal the quality for which the University wishes to be known.

Needless to say, this change requires an investment, and if students’ bellies are going to be satisfied with Taqueria Mexican Street Fare, Emma & Charlie’s Pizza, and Globe International Offerings, then it makes sense that the University will have to pay up.

Though the University is absorbing much of the extra costs, some of it is being passed on to students, attributing to part of the $360 increase in room and board costs next year.

And Creative Dining Services has big plans to use that money. Relieving line congestion, reviving the California Café, and upgrading current caf selections, the new food provider promises an improved dining experience.

But what the Threefold Advocate and the rest of the student body want to know is: Will they deliver?

Will this new food meet my special dietary needs? Will I really be standing in line half as long? Will I really want to eat something besides sandwiches and cereal? And will I really, actually leave the caf with a full, satisfied belly?

If their paycheck is being partially funded by students’ wallets, it better not be the same food with a different label. If we’re paying for it, then the answer better be yes.