Construction causes housing rearrangements

Upperclassmen at John Brown University may be wondering what their housing options are for next year, in light of the recent news about renovation of J. Alvin. Part of the remodeling plan requires that the townhouses be occupied by all males for the 2013-2014 school year.

Lea Finder, a sophomore education major, feels the uncertainty.

“I think what everyone is feeling right now is confusion and unknown about how this is going to work,” Finder said. “A lot of girls want to get into the [Northslope] Apartments, but we know everyone will not be able.”

Andre Broquard, dean of students and director of student life, wanted to reassure upperclassmen. Residence life has been very meticulous in planning the rearrangement of housing next year. The Northslope Apartments, projected to be finished before fall 2013, will open up more housing for upperclassmen, particularly junior and senior women.

The apartments will house majority female upperclassmen and a few male upperclassmen. The apartments contain 24 student apartments, creating the capability to house 88 students. 76 students will be female, while 12 will be males.

Broquard wanted female students to know that this will actually create more female spots than the 56 the townhouses offered.

There will be other areas of campus, besides the townhouses, that will be overtaken by males. The duplexes, which now hold both men and woman, will be dominated by males for the 2013-2014 school year. The third floor of Hutcheson Hall will also be transformed from an all-female hall to an all-male hall.

The changes will not reduce the number of housing options already available for females, nor will it interfere with seniors who want to still live on campus. This also means the policy that requires juniors to live on campus will not be changing this year.

Housing draw will continue to work the same as it has in the past. Rooms will be assigned based on credit hours.

Finder confirmed that, “most junior girls are trying to get into the apartments.”

The best way to prepare for this, Broquard commented, is to begin finding groups of three or four to apply with. The apartments will be assigned by groups, similar to how the townhouses have been allotted in the past.

Broquard wanted students to be on the lookout for more information about the housing process, which will come through campus mail in the next few weeks.