Resident Assistant requirements

Selected each spring, Resident Assistants make up an integral part of the University ‘community’ experience. They go above and beyond, hosting prayer times in their rooms, pancake breakfasts, impromptu movies nights and unofficial therapy sessions. RA’s offer a shoulder to cry on and will laugh at all the lame jokes you could make.

They help students make their way through the easiest and hardest of times. They are present.

This Friday, the University will send out letters to all of those selected for RA positions next year. While the Threefold Advocate has no say in the matter whatsoever, here are some of the requirements, both serious and not so serious, that we believe should have been considered in the selections process:

1. Flexibility. This is a good skill to have in general, but even more necessary if you are going to be planning events for 50 or so people. Schedules might not mesh well, and there is a pretty good chance that not everyone on your hall is going to want to devote an entire evening to a Dr. Who marathon … if they do, you are extremely lucky.

2. Patience. A similar situation to flexibility, and maybe even more necessary. Imagine being an RA for J. Alvin and having to
repeatedly remind your guys to clean their rooms! That definitely requires more patience than the average college student has.

3. A little bit crazy. Being an RA is a 24/7 deal, and it can probably fluctuate between normalcy, terribleness, and awesomeness. In order to deal with the job in a holistic manner—with both its positives and negatives—one needs to be okay with the craziness it could entail. What’s life without a little crazy anyways, right?

4. Need to have a really comfy couch … no explanation needed.