Announcing the 2013 Artie Recipients

Students and professors alike arrived at the seventh annual Arties dressed head to toe in black and white to see who would be taking home the coveted awards. The winners are listed below.

Winners of the Student Works Competition:

Digital Art:
1st: Becca Masters
2nd: Gabrielle Bromling
3rd: Lindsey Gerke

1st: Shannon Henderson
2nd: Alyssa Duckworth
3rd: Elise Toevs

Fine Art (Drawing/Painting)
1st: Patrick Symons
2nd: Sarah Ridings
3rd: Sarah Ridings

Fine Art (Printmaking)
1st: Becca Masters
2nd: Claire Bascom
3rd: Patrick Symons

Commercial (Photography)
1st: Roberto Davila Navarrete
2nd: Jessica Williams
3rd: Tucker Cowie

Graphic Design:
1st: Caleb Khazoyan
2nd: Jose Garcia & Sergio Arguello
3rd: Megan Toney

1st: Jose Marroquin & Marcel Guardon
2nd: Stephen Greathouse
3rd: Kyle King

Faculty Choice Award: Chloe Fennel

Winners of the Arties:

Best Performance by Actor in a Drama: Chase Poage

Best Performance by Actress in a Drama: Meredith Sloan

Best Male Lead in a Musical: Austin Hinrichs

Best Female Lead in a Musical: Allison Miller

Best Stagehand: Ashley Grant

Editor of the Year: Jenny Redfern

Broadcaster of the Year: Erin King

Columnist of the Year: Sam Dinger

Illustrator: Ana Alfaro

Photographer: Starla Koehler

Digital Art: Becca Masters

Cinema: Jose Marroquin

Fine Art: Claire Bascom

Graphic Design: Kara Underwood

Rookie of the Year: Hannah Newsom