Housing plans develop

With room draw just around the corner, students are thinking about housing for next semester. Room draw for the Northslope Apartments, townhouses and duplexes will occur April 16. The rest of the residence halls will have room draw on April 18.

J. Alvin will be at half capacity while renovations take place, causing some fluxuation in the housing or incoming freshmen.

“It’s a flowing, dynamic process,” said Andre Broquard, director of residence life. “We’re trying to find a good mix between new and returning students.”

The townhouses and duplexes are all being reserved for men to relieve the pressure of the J. Alvin renovations.

The Northslope Apartments are in high demand for next year. Of the twenty apartments, sixteen are reserved for women.

Residence life staff has already sorted through the large amount of data collected during housing registration. They recently sent out emails to students who signed up for the apartments and who were unlikely to receive their choice rooms.

Students will receive their room draw appointments by email April 15.

Broquard urged students to have “patience and flexibility.”

“There’s no way everyone will be happy,…(but) the process works itself out nicely in the end.”