How do you view the rich and famous? They waste our time and need our prayers

Drama ensues in the Kardashian household. Kim and Kanye are officially getting married and everyone is excited. However, other big news is happening with mom and dad–Bruce and Kris Jenner. Arguments have been had, anger has taken its toll, and they’re getting a divorce. And all I’m thinking is: when is their 15 minutes of fame going to be over?

How long can people be famous for being famous? I mean, Kim can’t sing, her acting skills nominated her for a Razzie award (the opposite of an Oscar) and her trademark according to Internet Movie Database is her “Curvaceous, buxom figure.” How long can one be famous for a “curvaceous, buxom figure”?

So what launched her into fame in the first place? With no acting, singing, or athletic abilities, what boosted her to celebrity status? It is the very thing that keeps the Kardashian family in everyone’s television: controversy.

Pre Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim was particularly famous around the Internet for a sex tape. Ashamed, Kim sued the distributor and settled for five million dollars. But she must have not felt too ashamed, because a few months later, she posed nude for Playboy.

With all this in mind, why do we follow a family who’s become famous all thanks to sex? Why does any of this matter?

It shouldn’t, but we make it so that it does. Through the television show, we are keeping up with a family surrounded by drama. And I can imagine that off-screen controversy occurs in order to have something to say on screen.

We, as people, love a good story. And the ins and outs of a high class American family make up for some pretty great entertainment. Entertaining enough for 101 episodes, a huge milestone for any television show, and several spinoffs of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

What’s sad to me is the lifestyle that is encouraged in this show. I’ve only seen a few episodes, but everyone just seems bored. Bored enough to get angry with a family member or significant other, and fight. Either that or they’re bored and decide to go party, and then engage in adult activities.

Scandal! Four more episodes are churned out to see who this guy is and whether or not she’s pregnant.

And now, nine seasons and a Kids’ Choice Award later, the Kardashians are an inseparable part of American culture. The seasons will be on Netflix probably for forever, the show will play countless re-runs on E! and the private lives of the Kardashians will forever be discussed by anyone and everyone.

A friend of mine opened my eyes to the discipline of praying for famous people. It sounds silly to pray for Angelina Jolie or Johnny Depp, but they’re people too. God desires those who aren’t close to him to come to him, no matter how messed up or famous they are.

Let’s all pray for the Kardashians. I think God could do some amazing things in their lives if they’d let him.