Admissions from Admissions

Erin Harrell-

How do you keep work interesting?
The nature of this job is interesting because I’m working with so many types of students. I never know who will walk through the door, or who I’m going to give a tour to and what the family will be like. The people I work with are really interesting, so that helps. This environment is never boring.

Who is the most interesting admissions counselor?
Joey. He’s just quirky. I did not know Joey before working here, and I was just really surprised by a lot of his personal preferences like his taste in music. Joey likes Patsy Cline, dislikes posed baby photos and wears eclectic clothing.

Hannah Bradford-

What does your job look like from day to day?
It can be really different depending on the season that we’re in. Our work is very cyclical because we have recruiting season in the fall, then we’re working with students and their financial aid in the spring, then in the summer we have more fun, keeping students engaged and answering move in and registration questions. Even our day to day changes a lot because we might have a tour drop in, or we might have a ton of emails or phone calls.

What would you change if you had to redo college?
I graduated in 3 and a half years, and I would have gone for 4 years. I rushed through, and I regret that. Being at JBU for 4 years would have allowed me to be more involved and stay in honors. College is such an amazing experience.

Jesyka Farley-

What has your job taught you?
Being faithful with what I’m given. Even though it may not feel like I’m making a huge impact, when I take a step back and look at the students who graduated, they’re now out in the world and have made life-long friends and met their spouses. This place has helped them become the person that God has called them to be. Even though I just sat here punching out emails, I’m a small part of that. So I’ve learned to trust God to take the meager offering of my day and turn it into something that’s useful and impactful in the lives of the students.

How do you like to relax after work?
I’m a heavy drinker. Just kidding. My husband and I like being outside and hanging out with our two chocolate labs. I had my first successful garden this year, which took a lot of my time. I’m a homebody, so I like to read and watch movies at the house.

Joey Morningstar-

What does your job look like from day to day?
Especially this time of year, I do visits. I’m going to Little Rock on Monday and Tuesday. I do a lot of lunch visits at high schools. I was at a classical academy last night, talking about college. It’s pretty different. The only thing that you can always count on doing in this job is talking about JBU.

How would you describe each of the admissions counselors?
Jesyka is the most sarcastic. Christa is the most surprising because of her knack for practical jokes despite her quiet nature, and she has killed the most animals by vehicular homicide. Hannah is the best under pressure, the one we go to when we need someone to hit it out of the park. Erin is the most focused in the office. Lauren is the funnest and the loudest. James is the newest. He’s very nice, and we’re waiting to see if he has a dark side. Park is the most left leaning. He’s our resident communist. I think my role in the office is to keep people guessing.

Lauren Pemberton-

How do you keep work interesting?
I don’t think that we have to try; all of our personalities keep it interesting. Music does help. One time we had a Mariah Carey hour, and Park happened to know all of the words. It’s fun to get to know the students, to ask them their story instead of just asking their GPA. Some of them have had harder lives before they turn 18 than I’ve had my whole life. I like to see how the Lord has redeemed those students and their situations. I find that refreshing.

What has your job taught you?
The importance of direct communication. I’ve learned how to get to the point. I’ve also learned a lot about John Brown, and how the administration cares about the students.

Park Dinger-

Who is the most unique admissions counselor?
Well, we’re all pretty weird. Lauren is the most unique. She adds the most diversity to our office in her zest for hip hop, her un-relinquished love for fun and in her daily updates on the hottest YouTube videos.

What is one thing the community should know about you?
I am always up for a bit of useless knowledge, something that no one would ever care to know. For instance, there’s a $30 billion addendum to the new federal budget for a dam in Kentucky that no congress members have admitted to writing.

Christa Slagter-

What does work look like from day to day?
Lots of emails. I get a good number of emails because a lot of my students live overseas, and that’s their only way to contact me. I also talk with families on the phone and travel about three weeks out of the year.

How do you like to relax after work?
I like to go jogging. After being in an office all day, I have to get outside. Making dinner and hanging out with friends. I also like to dance.

James Cooke-

How do you keep your job interesting?
Since I’m new, I don’t feel like I’ve had to work to keep things interesting, they’ve stayed interesting on their own. I’ve only been here for three months, so it is just now starting to become more routine. There’s always something I’m having to learn or think about, so it has stayed pretty interesting.

What would you change if you had to redo college?
I wish I would have done an internship. I was involved in too many activities, and probably should have been better at relaxing. I don’t know what I would have given up, though.