Let’s talk about sex: JBU’s sex class

Sex. A three-letter word and a whole lot of controversy. Especially now, in a post-modern culture that idolizes twerking and minimal clothing, and that collides with traditional Christian morals.

Young adults, including young Christians, are encouraged by society to act promiscuous—perhaps now more than ever before. They are led to believe sex is a casual thing, that it is solely a physical act and a way to be happy. However, both of these assumptions cheapen intimacy, which is an integral part of any sexual relationship.

We The Threefold Advocate believe it is important for students to have a safe and open environment in which sex and intimacy can be discussed. The Family Sexuality class offered at John Brown University each semester offers such a safe haven.

The class asks students to read academic sources, participate in diverse discussions and delve into scripture. The class provides students the opportunity to look at sex from a Christian perspective—an opportunity that cannot be overlooked.

While some consider sex talk a taboo and prefer to sweep the subject under the rug, we argue that this is not the correct approach.

Sex is in the Bible. Sex is natural. Sex is something God created for us to enjoy.

We do not have the right to label something created by God as anything less than good. If God did not want people to have sex or to enjoy sex, he would have created us differently.

We should give the same careful, prayerful consideration to sex that we give to the other good things God has given us such as nature, family and calling.

If you get the chance, take the sex class.

Let’s talk about sex.