Mock Rock overcomes limited participation

Ever since the fall of 2005, Mock Rock has been a valued tradition among JBU’s student body and the community of North West Ark.

This year marked the first time since 2005 that the tradition was on the line.

Student Activities Committee pushed auditions and made information readily available throughout the first part of the semester, but lack of response from the student body caused a scare that the tradition would come to an end.

The effort to save Mock Rock became a group effort. An effort that produced a result Student Activities, and the rest of campus can be excited about.

Student Activities Director, Meghan Kenney, along with her roommates made a list of students she thought would be willing to come up with acts and then pushed hard to get them involved.

“I wanted to push students to reconsider acts and reconsider their audition,” Kenney said. “It is important for students to get involved. Mock Rock is a great tradition and I didn’t want to see it go.”

SAC collaborated with other groups on campus to push the need for acts.

“We bombarded social media with requests, hashtags and videos of past Mock Rocks,” Rachel Bannert, Student Activities Committee, said. “We were using social media to promote it before, but we pushed harder after we pushed auditions back a week.”

Once auditions were pushed back a week and more acts began signing up, Student Activities Committee was able to continue working on one of the biggest events and most treasured traditions of campus.

Danielle Keller, Student Activities Coordinator, along with the rest of the Student Activities Committee is excited that the tradition lives on this year.

“I am thankful that students were able to get acts together to audition,” Keller said. “Canceling this event would have truly been tragic.”

Mock Rock is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 22 at 8 pm in the Cathedral of the Ozarks.