Famous Instagramer moves to SIloam

With over 585,000 followers on Instagram, professional Instagram photographer and Siloam Springs resident, Tim Landis, has certainly drawn international attention.

Landis, a Philadelphia native who just recently relocated to Siloam Springs, initially began mobile photography as hobby. Within the span of three years, his Instagram following skyrocketed, and with it, his job opportunities.

Since his first post on Instagram on Oct. 28, 2010, Landis’s Instagram photography turned viral, earning him the opportunity to work alongside corporations such as Nike and Mercedes-Benz, and ultimately changing his life.

“It was never really sought out,” Landis said. “God just put things into motion and orchestrated everything.”

As a direct result of his Instagram popularity, Landis drew the attention of newspapers, advertising agents and more, and even traveled to New York and Hawaii for various corporations.

“When you have the amount of followers that I do, it’s so weird some of the stuff that you get approached with,” Landis mentioned.

However, despite the many opportunities that his Instagram photography has provided, Landis makes it clear that he does photography because he truly enjoys it.

“Tim Landis is really talented. Photography to him is about doing what he loves and has a passion for–not about being famous. He sees his platform as an opportunity to influence,”said junior Caleb Alba, a long-time admirer of Landis’s photography.

Landis attributes his success to the Lord, stating that God has provided him with such a large social media platform.

Landis merely enjoys spending time doing the things about which he is most passionate, namely telling stories through images.

“[Landis’s work] inspires me because I know that I take a lot of pictures of just normal life. It inspires me to go out and seek adventure,” said freshman Jocie Morgan.

Landis’s challenge for John Brown University students is to, “do what you’re passionate about, and find what God has created you to do. God’s going to put you in the right places.”

Landis now works in Siloam Springs with a friend named Tyler Carroll who he met through Instagram. Together, Landis and Carroll work with screen-printing, and particularly with t-shirt design.

He enjoys riding his bike around Siloam Springs, hiking, and finding adventure wherever he can.