Plan for the crowns: How will you handle success?

Seattle Seahawk cornerback Richard Sherman had the opportunity to demonstrate what it means to win with grace after leading his team to victory against the San Francisco 49ers. He turned the chance down.

Sherman celebrated the game by spanking one of his opponents, as well as by flashing a choke sign and hurling a string of insults at the defeated 49ers. Now he is upset that people have the nerve to call him a thug. We The Threefold Advocate have little sympathy for the prima donna’s bruised ego. When you vomit up a plate of insults, there is going to be a boomerang effect.

Sherman obviously struggles to handle success. But if we are to be completely honest, most (if not all) of us grapple with that same struggle. The moment we achieve our goals or rise victorious in any situation in our lives, we are tempted to add the accomplishment to our own trophy cases and glorify ourselves.

We all want success in life. In some way or another, that same goal has brought all of us—faculty members, staff and students alike—to this University. Hopefully, we will achieve those goals. The question is, how will we deal with the success we acquire?

How will we handle the good grades we make? The sports games we win? The job promotions we receive?

Revelation chapter four speaks of 24 elders dressed in white, who sit on 24 thrones with golden crowns on their heads. These elders, obviously esteemed and honored in the heavens, proceed to “cast their crowns before the throne” of God and fall before him in worship (Rev. 4:10). The glory they receive goes back to the Lord.

We The Threefold Advocate want to encourage you to think now about what success will look like for you in the future, and to plan now about what to do with the crowns you will receive.