SGA announces new campus leaders

The results are in, and several new faces will be joining next year’s Student Government Association. Junior business Administration major Brad Johnson will be serving as president, and is ready to make SGA a bolder, more relevant campus organization.

“As president of SGA, I look forward to realizing the opportunity to lead the expansion of SGA’s influence and impact on JBU’s campus,” Johnson wrote from Oxford, where he has been studying abroad this semester. He is anticipating the chance “to revolutionize the relationship students have with the administration on campus.”

Along with a new president, the SGA Officer Team will also have two other new members: John-David Hubbs, a junior biblical & theological studies major, as vice president of finance and administration and Kelsey Eckelberry, a junior photography major, as vice president of communication.

Current vice president of elections and legislation Luke DeYoung, a senior biochemistry major, will be returning to his position for the 2014-2015 school year.

In addition to the Officer Team, several of the SGA senate positions have also been filled. Leanna Ngo will be serving as the commuter senator, Carlos Lopez Sandoval as the junior class senator, Gloria Jang as one of the natural science senators, Naomi Lind as the sophomore class senator and Ethiopia Haileyesus as the human resources and energy efficiency conservation senator.

However, there are still 14 senate positions that have not been filled. Some of these openings will be filled by students in next year’s Resident Hall Association, allowing each housing facility to be represented in SGA. Students interested in filling the remaining positions will be able to submit applications at the start of the fall semester, when another election will be held in hopes of gaining more senators. SGA hopes to fill as many senate seats as possible so that each dorm, class and department is represented on campus.

The 2014-2015 Student Government Association’s primary goal will be to prove to the student body that it can and will work to bring about important changes that students want. Johnson acknowledged the struggles SGA has dealt with in the past, saying “I believe the disconnect between the vision of JBU’s administration and the vision of JBU’s students in defining the role of SGA in the campus community has hindered the effectiveness of SGA in the past.”

“The new leaderships” main project then is to synthesize those visions,” Johnson continued. “It is our plan to archive the insignificant, pet-projects that have plagued SGA’s past and replace them with projects that fit within SGA’s new vision of becoming a vital role within JBU’s community.”

The current SGA Officers have encouraged the future leaders to focus on teamwork and time management.

“And don’t get discouraged when you are told no,” advised current SGA President Elizabeth Mathers.

Johnson has made it clear that the team’s mission for next year is to make SGA a more visual, integral part of campus life.

“In the past, SGA has operated in the periphery of JBU’s community,” he said. “Expect that no more.”