Artists inspire child-like enthusiasm through color

Dave Butler’s watercolors and Robin Hazard-Bishop’s pastels grace the walls of both visual arts buildings at John Brown University.

Students on the University campus have already begun to enjoy and admire both Butler’s and Hazard-Bishop’s work. The galleries are a place to inspire art majors and non-art majors alike and allow them to appreciate art.

Senior communication major Rebekah Veldhuizen said going to the art galleries on campus is kind of like a social club. “Shared experiences build community, and attending the opening night was super fun and enjoyable to see how people are brought together through art,” Veldhuizen said.

Watercolor artist Dave Butler stated in the summary of his gallery, “I create art because it gives me joy and is one of the greatest gifts from my creator!”

Veldhuizen agreed with Butler’s comments and said, “You aren’t always able to appreciate the immediate product in different majors, but with art we are able to appreciate what God has allowed us to produce.”

“If you are able to go outside your comfort zone and experience art, it is a worthwhile use of your time,” said Veldhuizen.

After experiencing both galleries, Veldhuizen said it made her feel as if she had taken a trip to the beach as it gave her a refreshed feeling.

Artist Robin Hazard-Bishop said, “I really enjoy making art that can take you away. I’m generally a happy person and I like to think that my art makes people happy,” said Hazard-Bishop.

Hazard-Bishop previously had a company job, lost it and happened to pick up pastels.

“I started working with them because they are a really fun medium to play with. When you’re a child you don’t hear the no’s and cannots. Unfortunately as adults we don’t give ourselves permission to play and be a child at heart again,” Hazard-Bishop said.

In her pastel pieces Hazard-Bishop uses bold color and a simplistic style.

“I’m addicted to color and her simplistic use of it made me feel like I was next to the ocean,” Veldhuizen said.

Daniel Madrid, junior graphic and web design major, said Hazard- Bishop’s pastel works inspired him to use
more color in his own work, even though his medium is photography.

“I would have never thought to use such simplistic color, but using primary colors is such a fun idea,”Madrid said. “Students can often get overwhelmed with work, but the gallery is a great way to relax.”

Butler’s gallery “Watercolors” is on display in Windgate Visual Arts East and Bishop’s gallery “Saturation Point 2: Where Color and Composition Meet” is on display in Windgate Visual Arts West. Both displays will be available to view from Sept. 5 through Sept. 26.