Anxiety Disorders

Many have heard about anxiety or, rather, can imagine what it is like. They think it is just being worried about something, that it is a word that can be used lightly. Little do they know just how panic-inducing anxiety can be.

We The Threefold Advocate believe that anxiety disorders are a serious issue that the John Brown University community should learn more about.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America says that anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental health problems on college campuses, affecting forty million U.S. adults. 75 percent of those adults experience their first episode of anxiety by age 22.

The disorder can be treated with medication and therapy, but that does not ensure that the anxiety will no longer exist. Thus, students and teachers need to consider methods of coping with this in themselves and others.

For those who have anxiety, there is always the risk of having a panic attack during class. Because this risk is constant, students and teachers must be prepared to deal with the problem and must remain sensitive to the issue as a whole.

For this to be able to happen, those with anxiety – particularly students – need to feel safe to admit that they have an anxiety disorder.

Similarly, students need to be aware that their professors will likely be sensitive to the issue if they choose to share it with them.