‘Black mass’ Satanic group protests in Oklahoma City

Hundreds of people gathered outside the Basement of the Civic Center in Oklahoma City to protest against the Satanic “black mass” event on Sept. 21. According to the Tulsa World, around 350 protesters were outside the building while the event was taking place.

The manifestations planned by a group of “publicity-hungry Satanists” led by Adam Daniels has caught national and international attention, affirmed the Tulsa World.

Despite religious organizations’ requests and protests, the Civic Center refused the petitions citing the constitutional rights listed in the First Amendment.

The “black mass” controversy has been around for the last two months. Hundreds of Christians have gathered, prayed and signed petition sheets in order to stop what they believe is an offense to the Holy Eucharist. The manifestation has also raised controversy because even though most residents are upset about the “black mass,” the rights established in the First Amendment protect them.

Residents of Oklahoma City and Christians near the area share their reactions on the matter. Some expressed their concern about these public gatherings, while others think that there are more important issues in the world that need attention.

Theology professor, Robbie Castleman was not surprised at the matter; she felt sad for those involved.

“I’ve certainly seen these things before, so I wasn’t surprised or upset, just sad for the people who think this is remotely significant or necessary as an expression of their anger or disappointment,” she said.

Castleman thinks Christians should give the issue “as little attention as possible” because there are more concerning problems such as famine and poverty.

She also commented that she believes now is an opportunity for believers to express their confidence in the Kingdom of God. She said that getting upset and opposing would just draw public conflict.

These protests are “ill-advised, unwise and unnecessary,” Castleman said.

On the other hand, residents of Oklahoma City expressed their concern on whether the conflict between Christians and Satanists affect the peace in the community. As a result of the confrontations, some have been arrested for surpassing the law while seeking to stop what they think is a blasphemy to their doctrine.

The quarrels have also lead to lawsuits against the leader of the satanic group, Adam Daniels.

London Ross, Oklahoma native, was shocked about the satanic event. Ross has never seen such kinds of religious discrepancies.

“It’s kind of shocking that’s happening since Oklahoma is a really conservative state,” said Ross.

Ross observed and believes that Oklahoma has always been a Christian state and that these kinds of conflicts are quite unusual.

She also highlighted how Christians should be more focused on spreading the Word of God.

“In North America, Christians have no idea what it really is to suffer for Christ,” Castleman said, “This OKC satanic play-acting is nothing worth paying attention to compared to what our sisters and brothers in many other parts of the world are really going through.”