Counseling center offers comfort and guidance

With a new year comes new adjustments, and John Brown University provides students with the resources and people to help, such as the C.A.R.E Center and JBU counseling center.

Many students take advantage of the counseling center, as it is available for all University students, and the first 8 sessions are free.

Danielle Hancock, senior education major saw the benefit of going to counseling.

“It served as an unbiased source of companionship. It allowed me to talk and be open and real,” Hancock said.

“There seems to be such a stigma about going to counseling. No matter what class you are, transitioning back to college is hard, learning to balance social life, academics and home life,” said Hancock.

Although there may be a certain stigma behind going to counseling, Hancock said she felt comfortable and welcomed.

“It didn’t make me stand as an outcast, said Hancock, “There are a lot of people here with problems and difficulties and my problems are no more insignificant than anyone else’s.”

“Be comforted that you are not the only one interested in going. The counseling center is in such high demand, because it is incredibly normal to need someone to talk to besides friends and family,” she said.

In Feb. the counselng center changed the policy from an unlimited number of free sessions to 8.

“[I] focused on my progress.,” not on the number said Hancock.

“I was required to go for a class, but it was so genuine that I didn’t mind going and actually looked forward to it,” Meghan Cushman, junior family and human major said.

Cushman said, “It’s for people that have a good life, but want to make it even better.”

“The good thing about the counselors at JBU is that they let you come in with what you want to talk about,” she said.

Cushman said that she never once felt uncomfortable and was able to be open and honest.

“We all experience the daily feelings of being overwhelmed, but we can utilize the resources we have on campus,” said Hancock.