Resume building opportunities around campus

One of the greatest resources for college professionals entering into the professional world is the resume. This sheet (or sheets) of paper can be the deciding factor on whether or not a job offer is extended. What many students don’t know is the massive number of resources at their disposal that can be applied to strengthening their resumes.

For example, volunteer work is a severely underappreciated aspect to building a resume. Job search powerhouse asserts that volunteer work on a resume has a “career-enhancing power.”

Volunteer opportunities on campus include serving as orientation leaders, leading Growth Groups and participating in CAUSE ministries, among other worthy programs and positions.

There are even more opportunities in the city of Siloam Springs. The Boys and Girls Club is always looking for more volunteers for sports programs and other events. With the diverse collection of churches in Siloam, it is quite simple to get plugged in volunteering for different ministries or events.

Including these on a resume shows an employer that community involvement is valued. This is especially critical when the potential hire has little to no prior paid work experience. It shows the commitment expected from a professional environment with an added altruistic aspect. This can make a resume stand out.

Beyond volunteer work, there are many paid positions available on John Brown University campus that can really complement a resume. Work-study, tutoring for Student Support Services, and especially paid leadership positions show potential employers a good work ethic and, potentially, some great leadership skills. Employers want to know that potential employees have experience dealing with situations that may arise in a professional setting, and working just about any job can teach solutions to some, if not all, of those situations.

Additionally, feel free to put unpaid positions on a resume as well if it reflects an applicable skill. For example, writing for The Threefold Advocate shows employers a certain degree of communicative skill as well as ability to work with others and meet deadlines. This information could be critical for an employer looking for these traits. It’s just important to be sure to detail how that position showcases a specific skill on the resume itself.

According to Forbes, “the one trend that’s here to stay is tailoring your resume for each position that you apply for.” Being clear and concise as to why someone should hire you is critical for writing a resume.

There is even a specific service offered on campus to help students create successful resumes. The Career Development Center, headed up by Chris Confer, partners with potential employers to create career fairs, professional workshops (covering subjects from social networking to resume writing) and mock interviews, all to help John Brown students succeed in the professional world. According to the Career Development Center’s website, the center’s mission is “to advance the Kingdom of God by teaching students to continually integrate who they are with the decisions and opportunities God has or will put before them.”

One of the services offered by the Career Development Center is a comprehensive resume critique. All a student has to do is either bring their resume to the Center itself or email a copy, and an experienced Career Development worker will read over it and critique it.
All this takes on the part of the student is either an email to the Center or a trip to the Center itself, located in Student Development in Walker Student Center. It’s a critical resource, and the good people of the Career Development Center are more than happy to help out with resumes, career counseling or even figuring out a major!