Don’t forget the good: Find joy despite the world’s brokenness

It’s often disheartening to take a good look at what is going on in the world around us; ISIS is still making headlines, friends and loved ones are being taken from us too soon by tragic accidents and deadly diseases and brokenness can be seen around nearly any corner. Despite these truths, We The Threefold Advocate want to encourage and challenge you to seek out and hold on to the small joys in your everyday life.

We acknowledge that it’s important to maintain an awareness of the disasters and realities happening locally, nationally and internationally. We think it’s necessary to keep knowledge of the brokenness and continue to pray for healing, understanding, peace and change. However, We The Threefold Advocate believe it’s also crucial that you allow yourself to see the beauty in the everyday joys around you.

These everyday joys come in various forms: the chance to Skype a long-distance relative, an encouraging note from a friend, a weekend road trip with your suitemates or succeeding on a test. Whatever joys you might encounter, we encourage you to appreciate and value them and use them to remember that the world isn’t always a terrible place.

Sharing these small joys with your peers allows them to experience a similar glimpse of goodness in what might be an otherwise dark day for them. We want to urge you to share joy with those around you as well. Write an encouraging note to a friend or buy someone coffee. Watch funny YouTube videos with your hall, go for donuts before class or pay for someone’s laundry.

We the Threefold Advocate know tragedy will continue to happen. As long as we live, we will experience pain, heartbreak, disaster and grief. But, in making a point to see the good things around us and spread joy to others, happiness will make its way in.