Health complex offers fitness classes for students

There has been a standing notion about the dreaded “freshman fifteen” as one comes into college. Though many joke about the idea, it’s easy to see why this is actually a reality.

With many students having to sit for long periods of the day in class, making late night frosty runs or eating in the all-you-can-eat style cafeteria, it is easy to see how this saying could become true for many students.

Staying in shape doesn’t have to mean denying yourself that cookie on “Warm Cookie Wednesday” or slaving away on the treadmill. Even a sweat session for thirty minutes, three times a week, can help fight the “freshman fifteen”, “sophomore slump,” “junior jiggle,” or “senior…” you get the idea.

John Brown University’s Walton Life Health Complex offers many amenities for JBU students, faculty and the outside community, one of the more unknown amenities being a variety of fitness classes that are offered every week in the comfort of the JBU campus.

Rita Lamphear, a fitness instructor at the WLHC, says there are classes that can appeal to any student.

“We are currently offering Group Power which is a weightlifting class done to music, Group Centergy which is a pilates influenced yoga style class, Cross Fitness and Cardio Party, which are more cardio based classes using weights, steps, medicine balls, and kickboxing bags” Lamphear said.

Lamphear also noted how the classes urge the participants to move and get excited about exercising.

“Any of the classes could appeal to college students. They are all done to music which makes them fun and motivates you to move,” Lamphear said. “All classes start with a warm up to get the blood flowing through your muscles and prepare them for the workout. There is an activity phase where you are working the muscles or doing cardio, then we end with a cool down and stretch.”

Junior Erin Holsteen has attended a Group Synergy class offered at the WLHC and stated that she enjoyed the class but hopes to see an expansion in the types of classes and times they are offered.

“I enjoyed the Group Synergy class, but I would love to have Pilates or Yoga offered as well,” Holsteen said. “Having the classes at convenient times is also a key issue with many students as there are some classes I would like to take at the WLHC or in the Siloam Springs community, but they’re not at convenient times for me.”

Lamphear said instructors are working on the current class schedule to give more options to both students and the community to encourage a fit lifestyle.

“When you are working out regularly and staying in shape, you are healthier. It is a proven fact that people who work out regularly don’t get sick as much as people who do not work out,” Lamphear said. “It also helps with self-image. When you look good and feel good, you feel better about yourself.”

Working out should not have to feel like a punishment. Find a class that suits your interests and needs, and check out one the amenities JBU is currently offering at the WLHC.