Observing Lent

Students, faculty and staff around the campus of John Brown University are in the midst of observing the season of Lent. By giving up one or more daily habits for 40 days, one can focus on his or her personal faith. Here are some things people on campus are denying themselves of for the season of Lent:

Andre Broquard

“I really enjoy a hot mug of tea so it would be a good thing to deny for lent and, instead, focus on Jesus in a very simple yet practical way.

Isaac Weaver

“I’m planning to give up all forms of social media.”

Tracy Balzer


Carlos Lopez Sandoval

“I will give up part of the time I spend on my cellphone. Often times I get caught up by it and don’t focus on what’s goes on around me, whether I’m with friends, doing homework or simply having a meal.”

David Burney

“It is so interesting that you would ask because I have spent the past several days reflecting on what I could give up that would actually give me the opportunity to grow. Yes, I could give up sugar or Instagram for the purpose of ‘going through the motions’ of lent, but would that give me the genuine cathartic growth that I need during this stage of life? After much consideration, I have chosen to give up WORRY for Lent. I am attempting to collect a number of verses that would help divert my attention to the Lord during normal times of worry and anxiousness.”

Jack Knudsen

“I’m going to give up studying…also, what is Lent?”