Tell us what you think: The good, the bad and the ugly

Everyone has heard the phrase “you can’t please everyone,” and we all know it’s true. Different people have different worldviews, different histories and different beliefs, and this is a good thing.

We The Threefold Advocate avidly support diversity. We strive to share the stories of different people, especially on the Opinion pages, by creating a public forum for people to share their voices. In every page of the Threefold Advocate we illuminate differing opinions on campus life, national subjects and international events.

However, we realize there are people on this campus who disagree with some of the articles and columns we publish. We have heard some say these pages are filled with lies and bias. Some people refuse to read the paper because of this, and We The Threefold hope that you will pick up this issue and read this message.

We have high hopes for this newspaper, but we are student journalists. We are still learning how to conduct interviews, how to edit stories, how to communicate well with sources. And this learning is a process that sometimes involves making mistakes.

We strive for openness and honesty in all our work. As journalists, we have rules and laws to respect and uphold. While you may believe that all media people are crooked, biased liars out to support their own agenda, this is not true of us. In addition to journalistic ethics and standards, we also have the laws of God to guide us.

We ask you, our readers, to be open with us about your feelings toward the Threefold. If we misprint something, tell us. If you think we are not representing certain people groups on campus, talk to us about it. If you disagree with an opinion column, we would love to hear your response. If you think we should give more coverage to a certain issue, let us know.

Our goal is to create discussion about religion, about issues affecting the church, about politics, about life and death, about relationships, about hard things and about things that bring us joy. The only way to have a discussion, though, is if our voices reach you, and you respond.

We The Threefold Advocate sincerely want you to tell us what you think. You can email any of our writers and editors (our names and general contact information are below this editorial), write a letter to the editor or opinion column if you want your thoughts published or talk to us in person.