Historical venue at JBU

A collection of archaeology exhibits, dinosaurs and art will furnish the honors house at a Night at the Museum party this Saturday as this semester’s biannual Venue display.

Hosted by the honors program, the event will begin at 8 p.m.

Hannah Nester, the associate director of events for the honor’s executive council, described the Venue as “an educational party.”

Josiah Wadsack, director of events for the honors executive council, said the Venue is “a chance to encounter the world not just through theory and abstraction but in a fun, interactive and experiential way.”

“The Venue is nearly a decade-long tradition, originally conceived of by now-alumna Kelsey Howard ’10 somewhere around 2007-2008,” Wadsack said.

The event is hosted with a different theme every semester and is part of the honors co-curriculum.

Wadsack said the event “provides important experiences often not available in the classroom.”

“The Venue is perhaps one of our most unique co-curricular opportunities and has the mission of providing a venue in which to experience a different kind of learning,” Wadsack said.

Other groups on campus are also involved. Multicultural Organization of Students Active In Christ (MOSAIC) is presenting an exhibit on North American Heritage, and the Robotics Team will also be bringing their robot.

“The main goal of the venue is to provide a way to give back to all of campus,” Nester said. “We try to make it something that is fun for everyone.”

The event is not an easy task to organize. The honors committee has been planning since January, Nester said. “This is the main event we do for the entire student body.”