Students network for future employment

Today the Career Development Center will be hosting a networking and speed-interviewing event in Simmons Great Hall A and C from 6 to 7:30 p.m. This is the Center’s first year to offer the event, and registered students will get the opportunity to attend.

Students were given the opportunity to attend a preparatory session in the Soderquist Business Center to help them prepare in order to get the most out of their interviews.

The event will “expose John Brown University students to potential employers and mentors while enhancing their networking skills,” according to the College Central Network website.

Gabrielle Marcy, a career development assistant, said that in addition to the networking and speed-interviewing event, the Center will host a job fair. This is one of the many new events planned for the year.

The Career Development Center is currently rebranding and creating new ways to engage and develop student growth.

Bethany Smith, a career development assistant, said she is excited for the event and thinks it will be beneficial to students. Smith said she thinks the Center has reached out more this semester than ever before.

Smith and Marcy explained that they have also started working with international employers.

Another member of the staff works with helping Walton Scholar students find jobs, in their countries. Smith helps domestic students who want to find international jobs; specifically those who want to work in Europe, since she also has an interest in that area.

Smith said the increase in student and employer engagement is also due to a completely new Career Development staff compared to two years ago.

Marcy explained that the new staff has generated many new ideas. It has also given the center the “freedom to try new things.”

On the other hand, Marcy also said the Center has always existed to help students through developing résumés, portfolios and cover letters.

In addition, they counsel undecided students, perform skill inventories and connect students and alumni with new careers.

This networking and speed-interviewing event directly serves the Career Development Center’s mission to “advance the Kingdom of God by teaching students to continually integrate who they are with the decisions and opportunities God has or will put before them.”

Organizations such as Simmons Foods, Clorox Company and Wycliffe Bible Translators will be represented; students can go to the College Central Network to find out which majors each organization is recruiting.