Students need to step up support for sports

Friday Night Lights.

I don’t miss much about high school other than these three words. To some, Friday Night Lights is just a television show; to others, it just indicates the ridiculous obsession the South has with high school football.

I miss the community that football games brought to our school and town. Although at John Brown we have basketball and soccer games in place of football, I wish I could experience the community of feeling as if the whole school was there in support.

When I chose JBU three years ago, I knew I would be giving something up that I wouldn’t be able to experience—college football games. Sadly, in my time here I didn’t manage to splurge on a U of A ticket either.

I miss holding each other’s pinkies high as we waited for the team to kick off the next play, hearing the fight song blare from the band every time we received a first down and cheering after a long pass was caught and turned into a touchdown.

Although my friends and I would talk in between the plays and had our fun, we always enjoyed watching our team win or cheered louder in support if we were down a few points. We stayed engaged and aware and revelled in the community each game brought.

I know that both our soccer and basketball teams are incredible and every year the soccer game under lights brings a majority of people. But what about the games after?

Many people feel as if they have to only enjoy that certain sport to enjoy the game. Others don’t want you to come if you are only going to talk and not watch.

There is a balance. It is possible to stay engaged in the game and also enjoy a good conversation with a friend on the sidelines.

Why can’t every game have a full student section with painted faces and shirts and not just the TP game, where most leave right after they’ve thrown their toilet paper?

I wish we would all agree to fully support our players and enjoy going to the games to feel that big community that basketball and soccer have the capability to bring.

Although I am guilty of not supporting our Golden Eagles at every game, I may be more inclined if our whole school was in on it. If every Tuesday/Thursday for one hour everyone paused from their busy schedules, we could love on our athletes and re-create that Friday night light feel.