Education equality is essential

Stop refusing girls education due to pregnancy

National Public Radio recently reported that women are not allowed to receive education in Sierra Leone if they are visibly pregnant.

This ban was made official in April, but has been in effect unofficially for some time. The country believes that having pregnant girls in class will encourage other girls to get pregnant.

This could also be receiving more attention in light of the Ebola virus.

According to NPR, social welfare ministers hold to the belief that the pregnant girls should have to deal with the consequences of their rule breaking.

We The Threefold believe that this is not a legitimate concern. Having a pregnant student in a classroom does not encourage others to get pregnant. We would even say that the additional struggles of being pregnant might discourage other girls from getting pregnant.

People also need to understand that many of these young girls are pregnant because of rape. They had absolutely no control over what happened. It is in no way their fault that they should be punished for
the sins of another person.

Even if there is fear of pregnant girls encouraging other girls to get pregnant, the government should create a way for the girls to learn while they are pregnant. These girls could continue their studies at home. This solution would benefit the girls, because they would be able to be active in school without having to attend a school building.

We The Threefold believe that pregnant girls are equally entitled to an education. No evidence supports the claim and there are many other factors at play. Even if the claims are believed, other solutions can make it possible for the girls to continue their education.