The Super Bowl unifies everyone

It’s the pinnacle of household gatherings, the most advertised time of the year and the climax of American sports championships.

The Super Bowl is approaching quickly, meaning one thing: lots of food, football and friends. It is possibly the most celebrated time of the year in America. It seems a bit ridiculous how big of a deal football is, but this behemoth of an event is not only about sports. The Super  Bowl is something to celebrate because it is an event that brings people together in an embodiment of American culture.

Most of us can probably remember the celebration of the world’s greatest football league from our childhood. From my experience, Sunday night church events were almost always cancelled because nobody was expected to show up. Grocery stores are annually decorated with giant cardboard advertisements for all kinds of beer and chips. People gather by the hundreds to watch the championship of America’s favorite sport. Super Bowl season is not only about football—it is about making memories.

For people who love football, the Super Bowl is the best the world has to offer. Even those who barely understand the rules of the sport can become enthralled in the excitement of the game. The drama looks promising again this year—Peyton Manning, a walking legend, is playing what might be the last game of his career, facing Cam Newton, the controversial quarterback who is ushering in a new style of play. Manning and Newton are completely different, promising the fans an intriguing matchup that will surely not disappoint. This  year’s super bowl is extremely entertaining football.

Super Bowl season brings with it the promise of delicious treats. Many families have special dishes that are reserved only for Super Bowl Sunday. They promote a sense of togetherness with whoever eats them and makes them. These delicious snacks create memories that we share with our friends and families.

Finally, we have to wonder: would it really be the Super Bowl without the great commercials? Everyone loves the entertainment that comes through humorous or emotional advertisements throughout the game. These commercials tell stories, depict cultural values and promote thought and laughter that lead to discussion throughout the next week. They have meaning that impact viewers and lead to positive and challenging conversation.

The thrill of the Super Bowl is something to love. Even though football fandom can be ridiculous, the Super Bowl is one of the greatest days of the year because it unites people. The whole family is involved because of the wide range of activities and entertainment. When  people are together, memories are made.

No matter what happens in the game, spending time with friends and family with delicious food promises to be memorable and amusing. This Super Bowl, enjoy the game, but also enjoy those who are around you. The game will be gone quickly, but those beside you could be with you for the rest of your life.

Matthew Ogan is a sophomore majoring in family and human services. He can be reached at