Ultimate Frisbee seeks success in spring season

Ultimate Frisbee teams Ironfist and Savage Skies are working hard to prepare themselves for their next big step: Nationals.

Both teams have been training in preparation for the tournaments they will have during the semester.

D-line handle Jacob Hash said that Ironfist has practiced nonstop since last semester.

“We practice three times a week for two hours each,” he said. “In the fall, we really focused on perfecting our throws and teaching new guys how the game works. This semester, the captains have put a big emphasis on conditioning and spacing.”

Both teams are looking forward to Nationals, which will take place at the end of the semester. But first, they need to succeed in sectionals and then regionals.

“Spring games are really the only ones that count towards official scores,” Hash said. “To compete for a spot in Nationals you have to have played in at least 10 official games. But the only games that are official take place at tournaments.”

Despite the fact that the teams are mainly composed of first-year students, the members have already acclimated to the game.

Handle Emily Tumilty said that the team has played organized team sports before, making it easy for them to catch on to Frisbee.

“At the end of last semester, we had grown a ton and gained a lot of experience,” she said. “When the semester ended, we were performing at a high level and had learned a couple different offenses and defenses to use to our advantage in tournaments.”

After a semester together, both teams have created a special bond. Midfielder Kate Garrison said that some of her favorite memories are moments that have been shared with Savage Skies.

“Although we all come from different majors and have different friend groups outside of Frisbee, we are still able to work together well on and off the field,” she said. “We all get along really well, enjoy each others’ company and have good team dynamics.”

Ironfist has also developed a special friendship among the members of the team. Hash expressed that some of his best friends are part of the team and he is excited to know each of them better this year.

“I believe this is more than just a group of guys throwing a piece of plastic,” he said. “It’s a group of brothers, and we really care about each other.”

Both teams went to Texas to participate in tournaments last weekend. Savage Skies went to the Anti-Freeze tournament in Houston, Tx. while Ironfist went to the Big D in little D in Denton, Tx.

Despite the Savage Skies loss against Rice University and Texas State, the defeat helped the team become stronger.

“Both of those teams consistently go to nationals so they were really tough competitors,” Tumilty said. “Even though we lost to them, we learned a lot and grew a lot as a team. We also put up a really good fight.”

The teams will have a game during family weekend and the following weekend they will travel to Tulsa to the Dust Bowl tournament.

“We have a competitive team,” Garrison said. “We are getting better every year and hope to do well.”