Letter to the Editor

At first glance, the recent article titled “Students Share Thoughts about Recent Political Rallies” appears to cover “recent political rallies” from multiple presidential candidates. However, it quickly devolves into an undisguised personal attack against Donald Trump, one which should at the very least be under the banner of “opinion” instead of “news” if not dropped altogether.

For starters, the title is severely misleading, as the article fails to cover any rally other than that of Trump, with only a passing mention given to a demonstration by Sanders. Even with such a singular focus, the only information communicated from the second-hand source of student rally-attendees is biased, hate-filled speech which has next to nothing to do with the rally and berates Trump and his supporters with a seemingly Trump-inspired style. The only resemblance of actual reporting on the Bentonville demonstration is not even sourced from the students; rather, it comes from an article published by an Arkansas news station that covered the event themselves (not to mention the opening to both articles are near-plagiaristic in similarity). In its entirety, the article reeks of Trump-centered abhorrence, with every student interviewed expressing extremely negative opinions toward him and two out of three interviewees having harbored their views before even attending the rally. For being an article in a university newspaper’s “news” section, it shows shocking one-sidedness. To top it off, it closes with a thinly-veiled assault against not only Trump, but also Cruz and Rubio.

In the future, articles containing singular political opinions should be marked as such, not placed in the general “news” section. Also, and perhaps more importantly, articles containing such opinions should at the very least discuss their reasoning, not merely their conclusion, so as to enlighten the reader and not give him a house without a foundation.

Britt Wisener
Freshman Student
Houston, Texas