Anderson forges ahead with work ethic

As the end of the semester arrives, Nate Anderson reflects on his career and memories of his time at the University.

Anderson, junior forward for the John Brown University men’s basketball team, began his basketball career when he was in middle school. He explained that before getting involved in basketball, he used to play on a baseball team.

“My select baseball coach saw how much taller I was and asked me to play in his select basketball team,” Anderson said.

Today, Anderson has accomplished a lot for the Golden Eagles, particularly on defense. During his time at the University, Anderson has made a total of 155 blocks, according to JBU Athletics.

To become a better player, Anderson has spent a considerable amount of time practicing.

“During the season I practice at least two hours every day during the week, and then outside of that, I lift weights for three hours a week and then maybe an hour or two extra shooting,” Anderson said.

Anderson has faced some struggles during his basketball career at the University. He said that in his sophomore year, he tore his ACL.

“[I tore it in] my fourth game of the season in my sophomore year and in the last ten seconds of the game,” Anderson said. “One of our guys turned the ball over, and when I ran back on defense, I heard a click.”

After his surgery, Anderson had to wait a whole year to come back to the basketball court. Zach English, shooting guard, said that it was a difficult time for Anderson.

“He really struggled to get around campus on his crutches after he had the surgery,” English said. “We all kept encouraging him to get ready for next year and to work to get stronger so that he could come back.”

English expressed that Anderson is not only a good player, but is also a special person.

“He is a really hard worker,” English said. “He puts a lot of time in basketball and school. He is a fun guy to be around. Everybody in the team loves him.”

Anderson also expressed that being part of the basketball team has given him the opportunity to make special memories.

“It is so much fun to be part of the Toilet Paper Game,” Anderson said. “It is very exciting at the beginning of the season.”

Anderson also said that his teammates have played a special role in his college experience. He said that every year, the team goes to a retreat at New Life Ranch and has the opportunity to strengthen their bonds as a team and as friends.

“We really enjoy spending time together talking about our goals for the year and getting to know each other,” Anderson said. “Those are really special times for me.”