Bachelor victimized more than contestants

The acclaimed TV show known as “The Bachelor” came to an end recently and, much like Ben at the end of yesterday’s show, “I am emotionally empty.” It was a difficult episode to watch. Allow me to paint a picture of what happened. Before you read on, there are some potential spoilers and also this is my first time watching anything “Bachelor” related, so forgive any inaccurate claims or comments I make.

Ben, the Bachelor, has fallen in love with two women, but he can only choose one of them. One of the lovely ladies is named Lauren Bushnell and the other is named Jojo (I hope that is a shortened version of her actual name). Both of them are gorgeous.

Throughout the last episode and most of the previous episode, Ben had struggled with deciding who he would choose. You have got to feel some sense of compassion for the guy, I mean it’s not like he put himself in this position.

Anyway, Ben continues to go on dates with them, he talks with these ladies, individually, hoping that this will help him in the decision process. He tells each of them that he loves them, he lets them know that he can’t picture life without either of them, he sees no reason to let either of them go and he’s been to that elusive suite where God only knows what happens!

Ben is stuck between a rock and a hard place. After some time and thought, the two ladies begin to put the pieces together. They begin to realize that maybe Ben might love both of them. All three of them are filled with enough anxiety, uncertainty and confusion to make any incoming freshman class seem confident and well-versed in university affairs.

After a lot of “prayer and self-reflection” (sounds a lot like a JBU response), Ben makes his decision. I would try to build up the exciting moment leading up to that scene where we find out who he chooses, but they didn’t try to, so why should I? He chooses Lauren B. But before he chooses her, he has to go through the horrific moment of telling Jojo that she is not the one. Both of them are clearly hurting when he tells her the news, but I didn’t understand why. They did everything right. Jojo went on a show with 1,000 other women to win over a single guy, he told two people he loved them, had sex with both of them, and led them on. I just don’t see the problem.

In the end I think Ben was the victim. He had to make the difficult choice of breaking one of these ladies’ heart and he had to suffer through it…until he asked Lauren B. to marry him.

Why did I write an article about the Bachelor? Well for one, I didn’t think shows like this still existed. I thought this type of entertainment was left behind in the forgettable past. Secondly, I thought people might be getting tired of reading my articles on politics, which is okay. Thirdly, I thought it would be more enjoyable to write about this for a change. So there you have it, I hope you enjoyed reading it. If you didn’t enjoy it then come write a column for The Threefold!

Aguilar is a junior majoring political science. He can be reached at AguilarAM@jbu.edu.