Bedbugs burn

Mayfield was treated for bedbugs again over spring break, and two rooms have been treated since then.

“We have not had any additional rooms added to the list of rooms that have had problems,” Steve Brankle,  director of facilities services, said in an email. “We proactively treated every room with heat over break. Four rooms received individual treatment as well.”

In this preventative measure, all rooms were heated to 125 degrees Fahrenheit and the four specific rooms  with a history of infestation were heated to 130 degrees, Brankle said. Andre Broquard, director of residence life, said this was the first time heat-treatingthe rooms. Previously, the rooms were treated with chemicals from Terminex.

“I think we’re in a good spot,” Broquard said. “I’m cautiously optimistic.”

Bedbugs and their eggs die at temperatures between 117 degrees Fahrenheit and 122 degrees, according to Terminex. Broquard said that the rooms in Mayfield were heated to 125 or 130 for six hours.

The University has spent almost $40,000 treating the bedbugs in Mayfield this year. Currently, the  University is no longer using Terminex, the pest control service that was treating Mayfield earlier this semester. Instead, the University has purchased two of its own machines to treat the bedbugs.

“We have bought two machines that allow us to heat the rooms ourselves,” Brankle said. “Other colleges  have used these machines with almost 100 percent success. We feel this is a better way to go.”

Lauren Lane, the resident director of the Northslopes and interim RD of Mayfield, said that there have been three reports of bedbug bites since spring break. However, after further investigation, bedbugs were not  found in the rooms that filed reports.

Lane said she has been checking in with the girls in the rooms who have experienced bedbug problems since spring break.

“It was very important that I listen to the ladies and went by to see them face to face,” Lane said. “I want to  listen well and do what we can to encourage and support them.”