Fashion trends to avoid forever

1. Windbreakers

“Retro” 90s fashion might be cool in today’s trends, but this jumpsuit has a weird texture, awkward color and scrunched ankles, which makes it hard to find good shoes to go with it.

2. Zebra Print

Leave the zebras on the safari. Zebra print does not belong on a purse, shirt or even a scrunchie.

3. Gaucho Pants

Is it a skirt? Is it capris? No one knows. These pants don’t flatter your legs; they make them look wider.

4. Pigtails

Only acceptable for girls ages 13 and younger.

5. MC Hammer Pants

Heidi Klum said it best. “They look like poopy pants.” The low hanging pants make walking plain hard.

6. Fedoras

Sorry, only for pimps and Ryan Evans from High School Musical.

7. Crochet Panchos

They had their chance and didn’t make it past 2005. Let’s keep it that way.

8. Flip flops with heels

Not only are they uncomfortable to walk in, they are uncomfortable to look at…“And dangerous,” said Kacie Galloway.

9. Crocs

Shorty had the apple bottom jeans and crocs with the fur? No. There are as many bad things to say about crocs as there are things to decorate them with.

10. High low Dresses

They had their highs, now they’re on their lows.IMG_8762 copy