Pour Jons: A coffee shop for all peoples

ASHLEY BURGER/ TheThreefoldAdvocate

   The tantalizing aroma of fresh brewed coffee pulls customers into Pour Jons Coffee and Vinyl Shop, and the smiling faces inside encourage them to stay.

     Chris and Emily Moore, husband and wife duo and co-owners of the shop, wanted it to be a place for all sorts of people, thus fostering a welcoming and inclusive athmosphere.

     Plush yellow chairs and an old fashioned vinyl player create a nook space under the stairs by the door. The rest of the room is filled with darkly stained booths and tables. A long bar cluttered with different types of coffee spans one wall length.      

     Visitors can glimpse into the past by looking at the creative doodles covering the wall.

      The upstairs is composed of an assortment of different chairs and tables. The eclectic nature of the area creates a unique space for studying, catching up with friends or relaxing.

     Emily Moore started her career at Pour Jons about two and a half years ago. Her husband, Chris Moore, bought the shop about four years ago, and when they got married she joined him in the business.

     John Smith, alumni of John Brown University and graduate of the construction management program, helped build the inside of the shop. Moore said that he helped create the aesthetically pleasing bar and effective flow of the shop.

     “We want our place to remain approachable and attainable for all people, from extreme coffee enthusiasts to farmers,” Moore said.

     She loves how all different kinds of people can come into one place and enjoy the experience.

     For example, every morning several chicken farmers come to Pour Jons and get the same order custom-made by their barista. This type of community is exactly what Moore is aiming to create in Pour Jons.

     Specialty coffee has become very popular in the past several years, and Moore understands that the coffee world can become pretentious because of that.

     She said that although they serve specialty drinks, she doesn’t want the extravagant label that comes with that.

     Abby Morrow, first time visitor to Pour Jons and sophomore at John Brown University, said that her first thought when she walked into the shop was of how adorable and quaint it was.

     Morrow was meeting her mentee, and Pour Jons provided the perfect place to chat. She loves the shop’s “home-feel,” and said she feels comfortable and cozy.

      Moore said their preeminent priorities are community and customer service. Moore trains her employees to make quality drinks and food for their patrons, and they do all they can in their budget to get the best coffee for the customer.      

     Morrow wasn’t sure what to order, so she tried a Carmel Coffee Blitz which she described as “fabulous.”

     When asked why students should visit Pour Jons, Moore said, “Everything we make is made really well, no matter what you get.”

Moore believes customer service is the key to having a successful business.

“You can’t really do anything about another business having a better product than you, better marketing or more money, because some things are out of your control, but if your competing business has better customer service, that’s on you,” Moore said.

    Pour Jons provides a third space, which is any place where people spend time besides work or home. Moore loves to be a part of creating this third space for so many people.

     Anyone can come to Pour Jons to decompress over a cup of coffee by themselves, hold a business meeting, do homework or chat with friends.

ASHLEY BURGER/TheThreefoldAdvocate
ASHLEY BURGER/ TheThreefoldAdvocate
ASHLEY BURGER/ TheThreefoldAdvocate
ASHLEY BURGER/ TheThreefoldAdvocate