Players share their game-day traditions

Before every major game, race or match, most athletes have a pre-game ritual they adhere to religiously. Whether out of superstition or habit, many athletes have a set routine they perform in order to get them mentally and physically prepared to compete. After all, 90 percent of the game is mental. JBU athletes are no exception. Listed below are some of the Golden Eagle’s game day traditions.



Kaitlyn Collier (Cross Country)

“One of my favorite race-day traditions comes from our ‘secret sisters.’ Before every race we receive an encouraging note and small gift from our sister. We have a lot of fun trying to keep our identity hidden all season and then guessing who has who at the last meet.”


Abigail Danley (Cross Country)

“I have a playlist I listen to as the team drives to the meet to get focused and pumped up. I brush my teeth or freshen my teeth…and use two puffs from my inhaler. After that, I feel mentally and physically prepared to race.”


Molli Pugh (Volleyball)

“Every home game, the volleyball team has a professor do a devotion before the game. Each player is able to choose their favorite professor to come to a devo.”