Pray for and bless those in authority

Bless Donald Trump. Bless him and fight. As the year draws to a close, I’m curious to see what the spirit of the American people will be. I don’t know what the next four years will look like, or the four years after that. But I know what I would like it to look like. And I also know what it should look like for us as Christians, regardless of what everyone else may do.

I propose a two-part battle plan: Bless Donald Trump and fight. Before I continue, let me clarify that I am writing from a non-partisan viewpoint. The only party I’m proclaiming is Christ’s. As for blessing Trump, here’s what I mean: “I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people- for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our savior who wants all people to be saved” (I Timothy 2:1-4 NIV). That needs dedicated application. We tend to forget to pray for authorities. We should pray for Trump’s salvation, for true conviction in his heart and courage to stand up for said conviction.

Imagine what good could happen if Trump decided to live in a way that pleased God. Consider all the rulers God used in the Bible for his purposes: some evil, some shifting, some good. As scary as Trump may seem to some, God is the one in control, not Trump. And as wonderful as Trump may seem to others, God is still the one in in control. Going beyond this, thankfulness still makes sense.

Consider what a grand opportunity Trump provides for God to be glorified. If he becomes saved and decides to live and govern in a righteous way, then God is glorified. If he continues in his aggressive speech and “isms” such as sexism and racism, then he provides a perfect backdrop for Christ’s love to stand out in Christians if we’re willing to step up and live as Christ commanded.

This brings me to part two of my plan: Fight. I’m not suggesting a protest or a military coup. I’m suggesting going out of our way to fight all the “isms,” injustices and violence in our nation. Stop complaining, blaming and moping, out loud and online, and go out and love your neighbor. Are you angry about the treatment of minorities? Stop talking about it and act on it, whatever that may mean for you. As a Mexican, I think I speak for all minorities when I say we don’t want pity, but to be loved and respected, treated with true kindness and fairness. As a woman, I say the same. And I know from talking with friends from the LGBT community that they want the same.

Trump supporters, Trump protesters, Clinton supporters and third-party supporters are all making both positive and negative waves. They don’t hesitate to partner their words with action. But what about the Christ supporters? We need to do more than complain. We even need to do more than pray and worship. All those people I just mentioned are all fighting for a cause. Our cause is far greater than any of theirs! Ours is for love. It’s beyond simple politics, social issues or personal opinions.

Thank God not only for his son and for a new year, but for Trump and for the opportunity given to us as Christians under his presidency. Bless Donald Trump. Bless every official this nation has. Bless them sincerely and without reservations. And fight.