There is much in life to be thankful for


November is the month of Thanksgiving, and I want to remind you to think about what you are thankful for.

I’m thankful for the sun and the moon, for the stars that light up the sky every night. I’m thankful for the fall trees, even if they aren’t as vibrant as in years past.

I’m thankful for the roof over my head, the shoes on my feet. I’m thankful that I get to decide between different types of food and that I can be picky about the flavors that I choose. I’m thankful for the internet and cellphones, because without them how could I call home?

I’m thankful for my family back at home, my friends all over the world and the people who have accepted me into their lives at JBU, giving me a new family that I can laugh and have fun with.

I’m thankful for the ability to get a higher education at a place like JBU. I’m thankful for the professors that push me to work my hardest and do my best.

I’m thankful for a loving God who forgives me for every little sin I do every single day. I’m thankful for Jesus Christ coming and dying on the cross so that we may all know God and have hope for a better future.

You see, there is so much that we have in our lives to be thankful for in life. Whether it’s the big or small things, we are privileged. There’s little things that we take for granted that others don’t have.

Take a moment to consider what is in your life to be thankful for. Call your parents, hug your friends, let them all know that they’ve made a difference in your life and that you’re thankful for them. Give a word of thanks to your professors and don’t groan about papers, because we’re all here to do papers and learn. Take a moment to thank God for the beauty of this world that He’s created. Take a moment to thank God for His presence in your life! Recognize the many things we all have to be thankful for and give those things the thanks they deserve.