Feminists combat social inequality

Karla Condado
Karla Condado


Let’s talk about the F-word. I am a proud feminist and over the years I have heard multiple misconceptions about what this term means. Feminism is not about women violently taking control of the world and ruling over men. Feminists seek social equality of the sexes, and I believe it is an important topic we need to address.

Yes, it is 2016 and there is still gender inequality against women. Sometimes we do not realize that females are constantly sexualized in the media. A clear example that I absolutely hate is today’s popular music where women are usually portrayed as sexual objects or often referred to as “hoes” or “bitches.” On TV we see women who are barely wearing anything and it is accepted by society, but mothers are criticized for publicly breastfeeding.

Every day females are being discriminated against in their work, schools and even in their homes. One out of four women have experienced domestic violence during their lifetime (safehorizon). I have personally been told that women are not smart enough to accomplish anything but to become housewives.

When will the world be truly equal for all genders, religions and skin colors?

Male chauvinism is still alive in Mexico and we have a long way until we can get rid of it. Male superiority is deeply stuck in the roots of my culture, but I had the privilege of growing up in a home where my mother had equal power with my dad. My dad respected and loved my mother. He never made me believe he had power or control over her. When he passed away my mother became the main provider for my family and she never complained. She taught me that a woman is capable of accomplishing anything she wants, and no one can tell her otherwise. She was criticized and many did not believe she would make it alone. But why did people not believe in her? It’s concerning that the main reason was because she was a woman. The problem was not her character, but her gender.

Yes, women are still being discriminated against today, and we need to address the stigma around feminism. Society must understand that fighting for women’s rights is simply asking for fundamental human rights. Feminists do not seek to be superior to men, but to have the same opportunities as them. We seek to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women but we understand that in some situations women are privileged.

We acknowledge that men are also oppressed and we encourage all genders to treat each other with respect. Feminists do not blame all men for the actions certain men have made. We believe in equality for all regardless of gender, race or ethnicity. Feminism does not seek superiority over any other minority, but equality for all.