Senate begins to approve Trump’s cabinet

Trump chose Dr. Ben Carson and General George Mattis, among others, as candidates for his cabinet. The Senate’s confirmation is pending.

The senate approved three of Trump’s 22 choices for his cabinet. The senate’s confirmations will be slow and painful over the next few weeks.

The President of the United States has always chosen the members of his own cabinet, but they are subject to Senate confirmation. To date, John Kelly, Homeland Security secretary, and James Mattis, Defense secretary, have been confirmed.

There has been protest among Americans toward several of his nominees on the grounds of lack of diversity. Out of Trump’s 22 nominees, 17 are white males, which is the smallest percentage of women and nonwhites since Ronald Regan’s administration.

Aubrey Skopp, freshman intercultural studies major, said she is concerned about the lack of diversity among nominees, and she pointed to a National Public Radio study that highlights the diversity in both demographics and background experience of Cabinet members to prove that while there has been a progress toward diversity, the Trump Cabinet would reverse the trend. Skopp stressed that diversity is necessary in order for the many minorities in our nation to be well-represented throughout the government.

Teague Broquard, sophomore political science major, said that he is concerned about whether the Cabinet members will be able to be unbiased as they do their jobs.

“It’s not white heterosexual males that will be harmed during the Trump Administration,” Broquard said, expressing concern for minorities.

Broquard supports his concern with the fact that Attorney General appointee Jeff Sessions has been accused of having a past of racism.

“It is hard to believe that he has changed,” Broquard said.

Jordan Scoggins, freshman political science major, said he believes that Trump is putting good people around him, and that Sessions is a good choice.

“Although accused of being racist, he has bankrupted the KKK in his home state of Alabama, prosecuted, and got the death penalty for one KKK member. He will be unbiased and non-partisan. He is backed by Ted Cruz,” Scoggins said.

Rex Tillerson’s nomination for Secretary of State caused concern among Americans because, while his CEO experience with Exxon Mobil could be a solid foundation on which to perform his role, the role of CEO is markedly different from the role of Secretary of State. His personal relationship with Putin and Russia has also been questioned.

Cory Thompson, freshman social studies education major, said he believes Dr. Ben Carson, Housing nominee, has the ability to significantly improve the housing situation in the U.S.

“Although Dr. Ben Carson is a neurosurgeon by trade, he grew up in a run-down urban neighborhood, so he has personal experience with the problems he will face. He’s a problem-solver,” Thompson said. “He’s a very calm and well-tempered man who won’t rush into things. He’s also a very devout Christian.” Thompson also said he approves of General Mattis due to his extensive military experience.

Trump’s Cabinet is moving closer to being completed with four pending.