Hutch heralds mini-golf

On any given day, Hutcheson Hall looks like an average college dormitory. In a few days, it will be a temporary mini-golf destination.

Hutch will host a 9-hole mini-golf campus-wide event, courtesy of its residents. With the lobby serving as the locale for the first hole, JBU residents will travel the building, completing each hole as they go.

Each floor will sport a specific theme, including anything from actors to volcanos. Hutch residents intend to create an enrapturing ambiance, transporting guests from Candy Land to the Star Wars universe.

Hutch-dwelling attendants will provide a putter, ball and score card to compare scores.

Madison Caparros, resident assistant of Hutch, said this event will give Hutcheson residents a prominent campus event of which they can be proud. She said this event will help eliminate the misconception that Hutch is a secluded or exclusive community.

Morgan Morris, resident director of Hutcheson Hall, loves to plan uplifting community events that dispel negative stereotypes about Hutcheson. The theme for Hutcheson Hall this year is “Hutch is Home,” and Morris is excited for residents to welcome students from other dorms to their home. Morris encourages students who don’t normally spend time in Hutch to experience the place 185 of their peers call home.

Morris has received “nothing but positive feedback” regarding the hall’s enthusiasm towards the event. The golf course’s inspiration came from a desire to attract the rest of campus to come to Hutch.

As Caparros and her floor prepare for the event, she said she feels community growing because of the opportunity to transform their floor.

“This event has effectively brought our hall closer together,” Caparros said. “Residents that otherwise might not involve themselves or don’t spend time together now choose to be involved.”

Caparros said her residents are committed to making the event successful.

“People in Hutch are going full-out for the event, and everyone is really dedicated. It’s something that Hutch residents want to share with everyone,” Caparros said.

Morris’s ultimate goal for the event is the creation of community not only for Hutch, but also for all students on campus.

“We really hope that people come and are excited about it,” Morris said. “We hope this is something that will bring a lot of people together and we already sense that it is bringing us together.”

The Hutcheson Hills Mini Golf Course takes place Monday, January 30th, from 7-9pm.