How to support the basketball team

TheThreefoldAdvocate The John Brown University cheerleaders support the basketball team by cheering at a home game.

Stepping out onto the court during a tense timeout at the men’s game, the cheerleading team leads a crowd-raising chant. The only problem? Only about four people out of the 20 students join in. “JBU, yell it with us! JBU, a little louder!” Clapping students with silent mouths greet the cheerleaders’ chant. Thirty seconds later, the game is back up and the cheerleaders are on the sidelines once more, cheering near a crowd of clapping spectators.

Many students remain unequipped with the knowledge of how to properly cheer as a spectator. Here are a few pointers for aspiring basketball fans.

Look at the home schedule for the Golden Eagles and plan the best time to go to a game. Busy schedules are common among college students, but making time for extracurricular activities cultivates social interaction.

Students are welcome to bring homework to work on between quarters or at half-time. The men and women usually play double-headers, so students can see both teams play on the same day.

Cheer and support the players while at the game. Get to know the players and their names so you can better cheer for them. Brushing up on your basketball knowledge of how the game works will also help as you cheer your team to victory. The more noise in the arena, the more the team will feel comfortable and supported.

Try not to come by yourself. Bring along some friends to talk and cheer with. The more fans that attend the game, the louder the cheering will be.

Support the cheerleaders. When they cheer, you cheer. It is as simple as that.

“Students should attend more games so they can get a feel for their team,” Haley Gehrke, a senior cheerleader, said. “A good fan is one who comes every game, stays until the end of every game, and cheers on their team with their whole self. I have learned that you get out of things what you put in them. If you set out expecting to have a great time, more than likely you will because those are your expectations.”

Sara Williams, a freshman basketball player, gave insight into what it is like to play in a Golden Eagles home basketball game.

“Every home game is nice because you have the crowd on your side,” Williams said. “For me personally, loud fans that are engaged in the game is always what makes basketball a little more exciting.”

She also described the team atmosphere at a game.

Courtney Fine, a junior basketball player, has tips for the fans who come to the game to get the team going–or pumped–as they say.

“Clap, be loud, make a sign, yell, ‘good job.’”

Crowd participation is key in helping the players stay focused during the game.

Fine says there are cheers that the basketball team does during the game to keep the whole team engaged.  Getting control of the ball while on defense can change the game in seconds, she said.

“Seeing student fans, parents and families is amazing,” Fine said.