A lesson in supporting soccer

Soccer players say they appreciate when fans come to their games.

Last season, the John Brown University women’s soccer team went undefeated in the conference season and went on to nationals. The men’s soccer team placed second and got a bid to go to nationals.

Through it all, loyal fans cheered them on to do their best.

“Half the battle is showing up to the game,” Hannah Poor, a senior soccer player, said. “The other half is getting your friends to come to the games.”

Besides showing up to the games, a good way to support the soccer team is by getting to know the players. The team said they appreciate when fans take time to recognize their achievements after the game.

“It’s really cool that people recognize us off the field,” Sara Frey, senior soccer player, said. “I feel that people think we’re intimidating because we are on a team.”

A third way to support the soccer teams is by making an effort to learn the game of soccer.

Kristen Howell, sophomore soccer player, said, “A good JBU soccer fan is someone who is supportive even when I am playing badly; someone who is there to encourage me to be better.” 

Howell said she believes every soccer game they play is not for them personally, but for the team as a whole and for God. Fans can support the team by encouraging the players to stay focused on this goal.

After every game, the soccer team invites fans to join them in a celebratory song.  The song is called “Vamos Eagles.” Vamos is the Spanish word for “let’s go.” The lyrics to the song are shown to the right.