Campus abuzz for Next Big Thing

This year’s Next Big Thing will feature three bands and one artist.

The first band is Girl Problems. The members are Chipper Via, Hannah Schroeder, Elliot Jones and Nathan Schieffer. They feature electronic beats in their songs with an indie-pop flair.

The next band on the set list is Mother Moon. It consists of Jefferson Williams, Libby Cole, and Corey Cole. They have a pop folk feel.

Following Mother Moon is Haven Brown. Haven will likely  have other people playing single songs with her, but she hasn’t specified. She has a smooth classic sound with the piano and bass.

The fourth band is Willowack. The members include Jonah Thornton, John Rhodes, Isaac Baker, and Matt Branum. They have an upbeat sound, almost punk rock.

Each of the four bands will perform three original songs for a chance to publish their own extended press record. Student Events and Activities also brings in special guests to judge the performances.

There will be many musicians playing for the first time at the Next Big Thing. The event is a great way for students at John Brown University to enjoy the talent within their own community.

Nathan Schieffer, worship arts freshman, said the performances are not only good, but “AVL knows how to put on a fantastic show. You would normally have to pay big bucks to go to concerts that are put together this well.”

Music has always played a huge role in Schieffer’s life and he is excited to give students a great time. He will debut in the show with his alternative band, Girl Problems.

Jonah Thornton, general music major, will perform with his band Willowack. The band members met in high school and have been together since. Since college they have added one new member.   

“I’m psyched to get to play some new tracks we’ve been working on,” Thornton said. “We’re getting to go through a ‘rock-star’ experience, which we are all digging.”

The band has enjoyed preparing for the show the past two months.

“I am excited to see the different variety of our four bands. Our bands are diverse in musical style so hopefully this will bring all crowds to the show,” Bekah Biel Gentry, SEA entertainment director and lead organizer of The Next Big Thing, said.

The show will be held on April 8 at 8 p.m. at the Cathedral of the Ozarks. Tickets will cost $3 and can be purchased in Walker Student Center and outside of the cafeteria one week before the
event. Students can also purchase tickets with cash at the door the day of the event.