Setting up the perfect student section

The crowd stands and roars its approval as the women’s volleyball team spikes the ball onto the other side of the court. The players pass each other on both sides, moving slots and high-fiving as they line up to start another set. When watching a volleyball game at JBU, here are a few steps for how to create an atmosphere of success.

The first tip is to look up the schedule to see when the game starts. The schedule is posted on the John Brown University athletics website and is usually advertised around campus. The big “game day” sign is always by the cafeteria to let students know their is a game.

Students need to show up for the games and be there on time. Plan ahead and leave your dorm early so you can be there in time for the starting lineup and National Anthem.

The most popular excuse for not attending is: “I’ve got too much homework.” Bring your homework and work on it during time outs or breaks. You can get your homework done and still support the volleyball team, chanting and cheering the team’s way to victory.

Make the game more fun by bringing friends and family. Talk to your resident assistants or resident directors to make the game an outing for your residence hall or dorm. The athletes on your hall and in your dorm will be appreciative and feel encouraged. The more people that attend, the louder the cheering will be and the better the team will play.

“Show up and be as loud and obnoxious as possible,” Elizabeth Bjornson, sophomore volleyball player, said. Showing up means more voices to encourage the athletes towards success.

“We have a cheer when the ball is hit. We say, ‘J-B-U,’” Bayli Reagan, sophomore volleyball player, said. “When the other team has the ball, the fans yell and try to distract them while they are serving.”

Bailey Sager, sophomore volleyball player, said, “A good volleyball fan is a person who comes to every home game and gets loud.”

If the crowd is not loud enough, the atmosphere on the court is affected. To create a positive environment, fans can yell loudly and be supportive of the athletes that are on the court as well as on the sidelines.

After you come and cheer loudly, make attending volleyball games a regular on your schedule. The ultimate goal is for the Lady Eagles to feel encouraged by their fans cheering them on to victory!