Larson impacts team, runs into freshman year

Sarah Larson is a freshman on the John Brown University cross-country team from Wichita, Kansas. She first began running cross-country in high school for Trinity Christian School.

“I was looking for a college that has a strong sense of a Christ centered community, and I immediately found that when I visited JBU,” Larson said. “I love the small town feel as well as the adventure opportunities to seek in Northwest Arkansas.”

Larson is starting to get used to her new role as a college athlete.

“I tried to not have too many expectations coming into collegiate running,” she said. “The workouts are doable and my legs haven’t fallen off yet, so I’d say so far so good! Our first race, last Saturday, was a fun one in Joplin and I got a PR (personal record, aka my fastest time). I especially love the community on our team. They’re a goofy and fun bunch, yet they push me to always work harder.”

Since joining the team, Larson said she has loved getting to know her teammates. Erin Green, a junior on the cross-country team, said, “My favorite thing about Sarah is her sense of peace and calm when it comes to anything. She always has a positive perspective and never lets anything shake her. She is also very joyful and brings a lot of laughs to our team.” Green recounted a time when Larson sang a song about a moose for the entire team while training in Colorado. “She is always so encouraging and never ceases to make me smile,” Green said.

While Larson said she enjoys being part of the cross-country team, she is still working on fully adjusting to college life.

“The hardest thing at college so far is saying ‘no’ to things,” Larson said. “There’s always fun activities going on and things to get involved in, but I can’t do everything, especially while I’m in season. I’m still learning time management.”