Taylor Glover appreciates inclusive campus community

Taylor Glover, a freshman from Dallas, Texas, completed her first year on the John Brown University volleyball team.

“When I was a junior in high school and was going through the volleyball recruit process, I had this big tournament that a lot of college coaches were coming to watch me,” Glover said. “On the first day of the tournament during the first game, I broke my finger and most those coaches that came to watch me left except for Coach Carver. I was so scared because I thought my dream of playing volleyball in college was over, but he helped reassure me that my volleyball career wasn’t over and he told me to come check out JBU.”

Glover said another sign that she chose the right school came after she bonded with her teammates.

“It has been a pretty good season. We did really well this year and I just absolutely love the girls on my team, they are incredible,” she said.

While freshman year typically involves major transitions, Glover said the hardest thing for her has been learning to be on her own without her parents. Still, she doesn’t regret choosing JBU.

“Once I visited JBU, I felt as if I was home and I knew that this was a sign from God that JBU was where He wanted me to be,” Glover said. “I love the community aspect of JBU and I like how the school is smaller, that way I’m not just another face in the crowd and the professors know my name.”

The Lady Golden Eagles wrapped up their season with a record of 26-7, finishing at the NAIA conference tournament semifinals.