Paige Kula – Player Profile

Paige Kula is one of the newest members of the women’s soccer team. Kula is from Highlands Ranch, Colorado and went to Valor Christian High School. Kula played soccer for Valor Christian and for REAL Colorado, a club team.

“I chose JBU because of Kathleen,” Kula said. “She is an amazing coach who has an amazing vision for this program. I also played with Katie and Jastin in high school and really enjoyed my experiences with them. I was interested in a smaller school as well, so this was a great fit.”

John Brown University had a great season, winning the conference and placing second in the conference tournament. “Season was great,” Kula said. “it was so cool to be able to travel and experience so many great moments with these girls, and I always felt encouraged and uplifted.”

Kula said she enjoys brightening up someone’s day by making them smile or laugh. Jastin Redman, a junior soccer teammate, said, “My favorite thing about Paige is that she is so full of energy and can cheer up anyone with a funny joke. My favorite memory about Paige is when we were at an away game in a guest locker room and we found a gymnastics leotard just laying around and Paige put it on and did a little modeling for us.”

For college athletes, it can be hard to adjust to living in a different state, going to school and trying to live on your own. Kula explained, “The hardest thing that I have had to do to adjust to college life has probably been being so far from home. Not being able to see my family as much has been difficult too.”

In her free time, Kula likes to be involved in active hobbies. “I really enjoy playing soccer, being with people, doing art, laughing and eating food.”